Free CPE Webinars (And A Certificate Database) From Moss Adams

You’re probably already familiar with Moss Adams, the public accounting firm. But did you know they also offer free CPE webinars for accounting and finance professionals?

They even take it a step further by storing your CPE certificates on their database for no charge.

Here’s everything you need to know about free CPE webinars from Moss Adams.

Where to Find Moss Adams CPE Webinars

All webinars hosted by Moss Adams are free and available on their Events page.

Webinars are offered several times a month, but not all are eligible for CPE credit. If you need CPE, make sure to confirm that the webinar is CPE eligible.

Fortunately, Moss Adams makes it easy to identify the webinars that are eligible for CPE. They identify the number of credits (usually 1 or none) under the title of each webinar on the Events page. Each separate webinar page also features a “CPE Information” section, where it details the number of credits you can earn with that webinar and its field of study.

(But if you’re feeling lazy, check out our CPE calendar, where all webinars listed, including the ones from Moss Adams, are CPE eligible.)

Moss Adams webinars offer CPE in various fields of study, from governmental accounting to specialized knowledge to business management and organization.

How to Find Moss Adams CPE Certificates

We all know how important it is to keep track of CPE credits, and Moss Adams is trying to make it easy.

Their CPE Certificate Download page stores your CPE certificates for you. All you need to do is enter the email address you used to register for their webinars. After you search for your email, you’ll be able to download the CPE certificates you earned with Moss Adams.

Keep in mind that any certificates earned prior to 2016 are not available on this database, so you’ll need to contact Moss Adams at for those certificates.

As a tip, if you register for more than one Moss Adams webinar, we recommend using the same email address. This will make it easier to keep track of your CPE certificates from Moss Adams.

It goes without saying that Moss Adams will not store CPE certificates earned through another company. This database is only for Moss Adams CPE.

Let’s Wrap Up

While many companies host CPE webinars, most don’t offer to store your CPE certificates for you. Moss Adams’ inventory of CPE certificates dating back to 2016 is impressive, and it’s a feature that’s unique to this public accounting firm.

Their catalog of CPE webinars covers an impressive number of topics, making Moss Adams a valuable resource for CPAs who need CPE credit or accounting and finance professionals who want to learn new content.

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