Don’t Miss The July 31 CPE Deadline

We’ve said it before, so you probably already know that CPE requirements vary by state. This includes the number of CPE hours required, specific subject area requirements, and — you guessed it — CPE reporting periods.

And now that the June 30 CPE deadline has passed, you probably thought you were in the clear. But there’s one state that imposes a 7/31 CPE deadline you don’t want to miss.

Vermont’s 7/31 CPE Deadline

If you’re a CPA licensed in Vermont, the CPE reporting period is on a biennial basis that ends on odd-numbered years. The reporting period begins August 1 and ends July 31.

The minimum number of CPE hours required to be reported during this period is 80 hours, including:

  • 4 hours of ethics CPE
  • 8 hours of accounting and auditing CPE

The Vermont Board of Public Accountancy requires CPAs to retain their CPE documentation for up to five years after completion of their CPE courses. The Board will conduct random audits to verify CPE information submitted by CPAs.

As a reminder, CPA licenses also renew on the same timeline as the CPE reporting deadline: a fixed biennial schedule ending July 31 of odd-numbered years. The exception is for initial licenses that were issued within 90 days of the renewal date. These licenses are issued through the next full license period.

Other Mid-Year CPE Deadlines

For those of you licensed outside of Vermont, keep in mind that several states have mid-year CPE reporting periods. For instance, some states impose deadlines that are dependent on your birth month, and others impose deadlines that are dependent on your license renewal month.

Make sure you’re aware of your state’s CPE deadline to avoid penalties, disciplinary action, and/or fines for CPE noncompliance.

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