Free CPE Credits For Quickbooks Users

Good news: Now you can add Quickbooks to the list of software companies that offer free CPE credits. Not only does Quickbooks host free live webinars, which you can find on our CPE calendar, they also provide on-demand self-study courses, many of which are eligible for CPE.

Free CPE from Quickbooks

Before you move on, keep in mind that you will need a Quickbooks account to access these courses. If you use one for work, then all you need to do is sign in to access these courses. Otherwise, you can take advantage of their free 30-day trial. But if you’re not keen on giving up your credit card information and signing up for an account, check out some free on-demand alternatives:

These self-study courses from Quickbooks are intended to make you comfortable with using their product, so they tend to focus on the software and its functionality — which is to be expected. After all, it’s free CPE from Quickbooks.

1. Introduction to Quickbooks Online for Accountants

New to Quickbooks, or need a refresher? The Introduction to Quickbooks Online for Accountants course will provide you with an overview of the software, including how to perform basic tasks, using the banking feature, best practices for customer workflows, and navigating vendor and expenses information.

Here’s a deeper look at what this course covers:

  • An overview of the dashboard and mobile app
  • Getting familiar with the sales workflow, including adding customers, creating invoices, and recording payments
  • Understanding the expenses and vendors modules, including adding vendors, entering expenses, and paying bills
  • Setting up best practice workflows for bank feed transactions
  • Creating basic reports

This course lasts about 4.5 hours and offers 4.5 CPE credits.

2. Quickbooks Online – Advanced Training

If you’re looking to leverage the more advanced functionalities of Quickbooks, take their Quickbooks Online – Advanced Training course. They’ll cover automated tax systems, advanced reporting tools, and troubleshooting complex issues.

Here’s a deeper look at what this course covers:

  • Optimizing categorization options, including classes, locations, and job tracking
  • Activating and using billable expenses for invoicing and tracking purposes
  • Creating budgets in QBO
  • Setting up bank rules in QBO
  • Correcting reconciled and unreconciled transactions
  • Creating scheduled reports
  • Maximizing the value of custom charts
  • Enabling inventory tracking
  • Setting up and calculating sales tax
  • Creating templates for recurring transactions
  • Preparing and filing Forms 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC in QBO

This course lasts about 10 hours and offers 8.5 CPE credits.

3. Quickbooks Online Payroll

If your company runs payroll through Quickbooks, the Quickbooks Online Payroll course will cover everything you need to know to run a smooth payroll process. You’ll learn how to run payroll, set up deductions and contributions, create payroll-related reports, and file payroll forms.

Here’s a deeper look at what this course covers:

  • Setting up and changing direct deposit payments for employees in Quickbooks Online Payroll
  • Reading and understanding the different payroll-related reports that are available
  • Reconciling payroll against the general ledger
  • Configuring a paid and unpaid time-off policy
  • Setting up health and retirement benefits

This course lasts about 5 hours and offers 4.5 CPE credits.

4. Quickbooks Time Fundamentals

This course may be beneficial if you subscribe to Quickbooks Time or if you want to learn about the benefits of the Quickbooks Time subscription. Learn how to track and manage employee working hours with Quickbooks Time Fundamentals, and take advantage of the different time-related functionalities that Quickbooks offers.

Here’s a deeper look at what this course covers:

  • How to simplify the employee time-tracking workflow
  • Setting up employees and contractors in Quickbooks Time
  • Recording and tracking hours worked
  • Creating and updating team schedules
  • Reviewing and editing timesheets
  • Running payroll based on approved Quickbooks Time records

This course lasts about 3.5 hours and offers 2.5 CPE credits.

5. Quickbooks Online Advanced Specialty (SKU)

If you or your client have heavy or complex transaction volumes, the Quickbooks Online Advanced Speciality (SKU) course may be for you. You will learn about smart reporting, workflow automations, and robust data imports that will help you work more efficiently.

Here’s a deeper look at what this course covers:

  • Advantages of adopting a Quickbooks Online Advanced subscription
  • Using custom fields and custom charts to provide insightful business intelligence
  • Accelerating data entry, including entering batch invoices
  • Improving control on user access, including setting and assigning workflows

This course lasts about 2.5 hours and offers 2 CPE credits.

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