Protiviti | 1.2 CPE | The War for Talent Is Over and Talent Won: A New Model for Leveling the Playing Field

Protiviti | 1.2 CPE | The War for Talent Is Over and Talent Won: A New Model for Leveling the Playing Field

In recent years, the labor market has been impacted significantly by a global pandemic, the Great Resignation, increased employee expectations and uncertain economic times. In these challenging circumstances, it becomes vital for organizations to attract employees with the right skill sets, as well as to retain, engage, and upskill their current employee base to increase the likelihood that the organization can achieve its business goals and objectives. Yet this is easier said than done, and organizations are struggling to hire and retain workers and to determine the skills needed to meet their business objectives.

​Join us on Tuesday, May 9 for a 60-minute discussion in which Protiviti Director Kim Lanier will be joined by human resources expert Ben Eubanks and Robert Half executive Tim Hird who will discuss how to:

  • Conduct a deep dive into all areas of the talent management lifecycle
  • Evaluate where an organization needs new people and how to get the right talent into those roles through internal moves or external hires​
  • Retain and engage employees to optimize retention
  • Develop a clear talent management roadmap to execute the talent strategy and drive organizational success​
  • Reduce risk and increase performance, productivity and cost efficiencies
  • Apply common strategies in specific industries such as healthcare and manufacturing to combat unique industry challenges

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how to think holistically about planning and executing workforce planning
  • Develop an understanding of underlying macroeconomic factors and market fundamentals that are affecting the talent landscape
  • Understanding how companies are rethinking and responding to some of these challenges
  • Learn how to use data and analytics to underpin the talent function — (do it better and deeper and communicate the data to HR’s customers)
  • Develop knowledge around the necessity for talent marketing to be a 24/7/365 reality for the average business

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