Protiviti | 1.2 CPE | Preparing Finance Functions for Inevitable Change

Protiviti | 1.2 CPE | Preparing Finance Functions for Inevitable Change

Finance executives today must be nimble, constantly evolving to keep pace with advanced automation, economic uncertainty, and the changing demands of stakeholders. Compounding those challenges is an unprecedented labor market, one where the attraction and retention of the most skilled finance professionals takes on additional challenges, as the best and brightest have an array of employment options to choose from. Finance leaders must strike a fine balance as they drive their people to success in this competitive environment without burning them out along the way.

Join us on Tuesday, September 12th for a 60-minute discussion in which Chelsea Black and Fran Maxwell will cover:

  • Organizational trends that are impacting the finance function
  • The impact of limited talent supply on the finance function
  • Enabling your people to be successful given economic and bandwidth constraints
  • How some finance organizations are addressing the needs for organization-wide change without overburdening their people  

Learning Objectives: 

  • Have a clear understanding of macro trends affecting the finance function nationally at the moment
  • Understand how the global talent shortage is affecting finance organizations
  • Learn how you can help your people be nimble and adaptive in the face of these challenges
  • Understand how organizations can address organizational change without burning out their people 

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