Grant Thornton | 1 CPE | Effectively monitoring quality management standards

Grant Thornton | 1 CPE | Effectively monitoring quality management standards

Quality management standards are evolving on a global level at various stages of adoption. Firms of all sizes performing audit and attestation services will be faced with implementation, and ongoing monitorization and evaluation for leadership approval. In this webcast, Grant Thornton will moderate the discussion, share our experience managing our own system of quality management and share a case study on monitorization.

Additionally, Johnson Global Accountancy (JGA) will discuss and compare ISQM 1 and SQMS1 standards — including the potential impact on audit firms’ systems of quality management. JGA will also share how accounting firms are addressing the various standards for quality management implementation, and discuss strategies for effective monitoring and testing with multiple standards in mind.

Grant Thornton cannot opine on the ISQM 1 and SQMS1 or other quality management standards or what any organization must do to meet the standards.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the various standards and strategies to effectively monitor and test  
  • Distinguish the benefits of a solution that can enable users to look at data in mulltiple ways 
  • Define considerations for smaller firms’ systems of quality management 

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