Baker Tilly | 1 CPE | Lessons learned through Model Audit Rule implementation

Baker Tilly | 1 CPE | Lessons learned through Model Audit Rule implementation

For insurers that are approaching or have exceeded the $500M threshold of direct and assumed written premiums, understanding the Model Audit Rule (MAR) internal control over financial reporting requirement and lifecycle is a key piece of regulatory compliance. The preparation to implement and optimize an effective MAR program, while staying in line with regulatory requirements and industry trends can be challenging but is an opportunity for an insurer to enhance the value of their organization. Whether you’re just starting your MAR implementation journey or looking to evolve an existing program, it’s vital to define what you want from your MAR program and align it with your organization’s overall strategy.

On Sept. 20, join Baker Tilly’s insurance industry risk advisory specialists John Romano, Rachel Schmoyer and Russ Sommers as they discuss lessons learned, trends, misconceptions and key takeaways for insurers in each stage of a MAR implementation and evolution journey. Get your questions answered and learn more about MAR program best practices during this informative discussion. The webinar will be structured to provide pertinent information for individuals involved in any stage of a MAR program, including those who want to have a better understanding to answer to regulators and those who are involved in each step of the implementation and optimization process. Q&A will be encouraged throughout the webinar.

Learning objectives:

  • Outline the early stages of preparing for MAR implementation prior to reaching the threshold
  • Discuss the MAR implementation process, how to stay compliant, add value and maximize efficiency for your MAR program
  • Highlight ways to align organization goals and resources to create an efficient and resilient MAR program that will excel in the short term, but stay flexible for optimization in the long term
  • Learn five key takeaways that mature MAR programs have discovered over the course of implementation and optimization

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