Crowe | 1 CPE | Healthcare account resolution meets machine learning

Crowe | 1 CPE | Healthcare account resolution meets machine learning

The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in account resolution are here now, and manual credit and debit reconciliations are becoming a thing of the past. For years, healthcare leaders have heard about how machine learning (ML) and data science will revolutionize back-end systems and processes. In this webinar, the Crowe team will go beyond speculation to bring you a case study and examples of real-world AI benefits. We started by applying AI to credit balances and unclaimed property and have now expanded the scope to streamline how organizations approach account resolutions across all areas of accounts receivable.

After attending this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Compare current efforts and outcomes with those generated by AI-assisted account resolution
  • Describe how ML can streamline credit and debit balance processing and reduce staff intervention
  • Outline the data sources required to begin automating current processes and the next steps to take on the automation journey

This event will examine the benefits and challenges of adopting AI-driven account reconciliation through real-world experience and an in-depth case study.

Join us to see how innovative healthcare leaders can benefit from accelerated, more accurate data-driven solutions.

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