Crowe | 1 CPE | Alternative Investments Boot Camp for Exempt Organizations, Part I

Crowe | 1 CPE | Alternative Investments Boot Camp for Exempt Organizations, Part I

Back by popular demand, this two-part webinar series from Crowe will address the nuances and complexities of alternative investments from an accounting and tax perspective.

Whether your organization is just starting to dabble in alternative investments or has a robust portfolio, the challenges of managing accounting and tax reporting challenges continue to evolve. While alternative investments might yield a positive rate of return, they also bring about increased administrative complexity that demands a high degree of expertise.

Part I of this two-part webinar series will kick off with an overview of accounting and tax reporting alternatives. We will discuss the trends and developments we are seeing in the diversification of investment portfolios and how that relates to the analysis and evaluation required for disclosures for financial statements and tax reporting, with a focus on sharing industry best practices.

Part II will go deeper into tax compliance considerations at the federal, state, and international level, focusing on the nuances to help guide you and your organization to comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations. This session will also discuss opportunities to leverage technology to gain efficiencies in your alternative compliance process.

After attending this webinar series, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the different types of alternative investments and reporting requirements
  • Identify best-practice approaches for compliance
  • Apply accounting and tax reporting provisions related to alternative investments
  • Recognize the foreign and state reporting requirements for alternative investments
  • Identify unrelated business income tax traps in alternative investments
  • Discuss industry trends, challenges, and opportunities

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