Protiviti | 1 CPE | Aligned Assurance

Protiviti | 1 CPE | Aligned Assurance

We invite you to join our upcoming Aligned Assurance webinar. Aligned assurance creates a common language to communicate risk. Effective risk management comes from the collective view of multiple risk, control, compliance, and assurance functions – each providing a unique perspective.

Join us on March 23 as we discuss how implementing a properly Aligned Assurance Framework can maximize operating efficiency and provide clearer visibility of results to stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key success factors and interdependencies on other aspects of the internal audit strategic priorities and methodologies
  • Determine what stage of the assurance framework has the most potential for alignment in your organization
  • Discuss how sponsorship and ownership play key roles in successful projects and achievement in long-term objectives
  • Provide insight into the intersection between taxonomy and technology to facilitate the program
  • Establish the method and timing delivery of assurance to key stakeholders and the relationship to enterprise results and reporting

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