Best Gifts For Accountants

Gift-giving season is around the corner. If you’re looking for a gift that only an accountant will be able to appreciate, you’ve come to the right place. Because practical presents are great, but what accountant really needs another notebook or calculator?

Whether the gift is for recent accounting graduates or tenured CPAs, these fun and thoughtful ideas are bound to be received with a smile.

For the Ex-Big 4 Accountant

Know someone who recently left the Big 4? The Big4Accountant features a “BYE” collection of long-sleeve shirts, tees and stickers that incorporate the Big 4 logos. Now they can say “bye” to PwC, Deloitte, EY or KPMG. It’s sure to get a laugh from any ex-Big 4 accountants.

For the New Parents

Also a part of TheBig4Accountant inventory is this adorable little onesie. How do you record the plight of new mothers and fathers who are balancing the struggles of parenting a newborn? Just debit Baby and credit Cash, Sleep and Free Time. If only it were actually that easy.

For the Accountants who Cook

You don’t want an accountant who cooks the books, but what do you give an accountant who just loves to cook? This minimalist apron from MahaloMemories’ Etsy shop is perfect for those accountants who spend all their free time in the kitchen and also appreciate a good pun.

You can feel good about purchasing from the MahaloMemories boutique because they’re committed to contributing to a healthy thriving planet and plant one tree for each item they sell.

For the Newly Licensed CPA

Have a friend who recently got their CPA license? Or a family member who just passed their exams? Gift them this custom hoodie so they can show off their accomplishment. If they prefer t-shirts instead, the shop carries the same design as a short-sleeve tee. Message the shop owner directly to customize it with the year of your choice.

For the Retirees

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Every accountant gets tax questions from friends and family (even if you insist you’re not a tax expert), but no one wants to deal with that after retiring. That’s why this t-shirt is an ideal gift for the recent accounting retiree. The simple, but straightforward message will get the point across.

For the Coffee Lover

It’s no secret that accountants need a lot of coffee for those long busy season hours. With this simple “Yes, you are being billed for this” mug, they’ll be able to get their caffeine fix and remember to bill for their time.

Don’t Forget the Card

You can’t give a gift without a card. RuBook Creative has an entire collection of accounting-themed holiday cards.

As it turns out, not even Santa is immune from the U.S. tax code in this fun Christmas card that somehow manages to connect Santa with the IRS. And accountants in public accounting are bound to appreciate this Christmas wishlist to help alleviate their busy season burdens.

As a bonus, the inside of the envelopes are lined with ledger paper, bringing the accounting theme full circle. As an even bigger bonus, when you buy these cards, you’re supporting a fellow CPA (the founder is a forensic accountant).

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