Affordable Ethics CPE Courses For CPAs

Making ethical decisions is an essential quality for accounting professionals. In fact, most states make it mandatory for CPAs with an active license to fulfill ethics CPE requirements.

While free CPE courses are usually readily available, free ethics CPE are rare, and most tend to be on the pricier end.

That’s why we compiled a list of companies that offer affordable ethics courses to help CPAs meet their state’s continuing education requirements. State requirements vary, so we’ve included organizers that offer courses for both general and state-specific ethics CPE credit.

Most of these courses are self-study programs, but if you want the most current information during a live session, there are a few live webinar options available as well.

Read about Ethics with Courses from MasterCPE

If you learn better through text than through video, MasterCPE offers self-study CPE courses you can download as a PDF file. Most of their courses are PDF based, so you’ll read through the content instead of sitting through a video.

As with other self-study options, you’ll have to pass the exam to receive credit.

MasterCPE provides continuing education content for accounting professionals, including several affordable ethics courses. While their main offering is a yearlong $149 CPE subscription, ethics courses are not included in their subscription.

Instead ethics CPE courses must be purchased separately, but they tend to be inexpensive compared to other options.

General and state-specific ethics courses are both available. If your state mandates unique ethics CPE requirements, MasterCPE will likely have a course that satisfies that requirement.

These ethics self-study courses are priced at about $10 per credit.

Over 100 Ethics Courses from CPE Think

We covered some of CPE Think’s free self-study courses before, but they also offer ethics CPE programs.

Their catalog features over 100 courses that meet the ethics requirement, many of which satisfy are state-specific.

When you’re searching for courses, make sure to filter the Field of Study dropdown menu to “Behavioral Ethics” or “Regulatory Ethics.”

All of their courses are self-study and typically priced at $10 per credit.

Live Ethics CPE Webinars from CPA Academy

If you’re looking for a live ethics webinar, CPA Academy has you covered.

CPA Academy offers free live webinars for CPE credit on a daily basis. They also occasionally provide CPE content for a reasonable fee. Included in their catalog are a list of live webinars and self-study courses that qualify for ethics CPE credit.

CPE categorized in the field of study of behavioral ethics are often free. Those categorized as regulatory ethics are usually available for a fee.

Their live ethics webinars are priced at about $10 per credit. They also have self-study ethics courses priced at about $20 per credit.

If you’re looking for CPE credit, make sure you’re not taking courses from their “Archived Webinars” section. These courses do not qualify for CPE credit.

Review Ethics Case Studies with CPA Self Study

CPA Self Study focuses on providing high-quality and relevant CPE content for accounting professionals.

They’re aware that while some states accept general ethics CPE hours, others have specific requirements that must be met and approved. That’s why they provide ethics CPE courses for both cases.

There are several two- to four-credit general CPE courses available in their catalog, along with state-approved courses that meet those state-specific ethics requirements.

They also try to keep their courses interesting by incorporating case studies in their material when possible.

Their ethics courses are usually priced at about $10 per credit.

General and State-Specific Ethics CPE from Sequoia CPE

Sequoia CPE is similar to MasterCPE in that they provide a yearly $149 subscription for unlimited CPE credits. Ethics courses, however, are not included in this package and must be purchased separately.

Their courses are also offered in PDF format, so you learn the content through the PDF download rather than through a video. You’ll need to pass the exam with a score of at least 70% to receive credit.

Sequoia CPE categorizes their ethics courses between general and state-specific requirements.

Their ethics courses cost slightly more than the other options listed and are typically priced at about $20 per credit.

Stay Current with Your State’s CPE Requirements

Keep in mind that each state has its own ethics CPE requirement. It’s always a good idea to confirm that the courses you take will be accepted by your state.

Affordable ethics credits are hard to come by, but these organizers have provided some reasonable options. If your employer offers a professional development budget for employees, consider spending a portion of it to cover your state’s ethics requirement.

For those of you who have used a different provider to satisfy your ethics obligation, share them in the comments below.

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